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Every Morning as the sun rose I would round a corner on the hillside by the bamboo and the sun would rise brilliant over the ulu tree

Stealing the stars and creating pink and gold layers across the sky as Pele rose just below us 

every time I would think of you there. With my green tea and your sarong wrapped around my head. I let the sadness come

It was immense, sometimes feeling like my ribcage may crack open from my too big heart for this world.

I realized that this too was a gift and that I must guard it eve so carefully

I would like to think I left a little bit of us in that valley 

That I came out the same, but transformed into new for having gone into the light and the darkness of my whole life.

To know I must honor people for exactly who they want to be in life

To neither push nor pull but listen to my heart which speaks so loudly

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