This is for the heart

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This is for the heart. The pulsing beat directing it’s life through us, directing us and keeping the song going through our lives

This is for the tender heart, the heart that feels music so fully, that hears beautiful words and weeps and for the heart that opens so beautifully for not only the light but also that darkness

This is for the mourning heart, the stopped heart, stopped time aching writhing pressing yourself against the floor in the night, the screaming into the sky heart, the heart of mourning that burns fast and hard and feels as though it has broken through your ribcage

This is for the mother heart…the bursting open of birth a forthright of the passage weaving the web of our cries of loving beyond yourself heart, the unconditional heart. The staring at your baby sleep and smelling the sweetness of milk breath and sadness of the power of this love

This is for the rejected heart, the heart that aches like simultaneous anger and sadness the heart that slows to the breath of alone and change, the heart of impermanence

This is for the joyous heart the heart that speeds up to the pulse of your dance, to your sing song voice, to your laughter. To the beauty that leaves you speechless in your moment of joy and you want to envelope the moment and bring it even closer. The joyous heart that breaks open with the love

And this this for the heart in love. The whispers and soft breath the euphoria of skin on skin, never could you ever be more than this, this moment of recognition of love

This is for the wanderlust heart, the fearless burst of flame that propels us to unknown places that calls us to abandon reason and sometimes lives, sometimes everything so that we can see the openness and beauty of something new

To those who we’ve loved in retrospect, to those that we have loved in secret, to those that we have opened our hearts outstretched and ready that have broken us, and to those that have made us believe again. To those that we have forgiven for not knowing how to love us, and for those we could not be ready to love. This is life let us live it fully and forgive… it is fleeting and fragile. And at the core we are most certainly the same~


Jericho Rell


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