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I am so incredibly grateful this year for all the ways I have grown and been able to step outside myself and truly reflect on what a good life is. If someone had told me three years ago the entire landscape of my life would change and I would leave Kauai and end up on Oahu, I wouldn’t have believed them. Through this last year and a half if someone had said I would get through the hardest year of my life; being somewhere new, being broke, leaving everything I knew, getting my heart broken, and that I would come out okay I wouldn’t have believed them. It was one of the hardest transitions I have ever had. But it got me exactly where I need to be. These days I wake up so incredibly grateful for the beautiful simplicity of life, of content moments….to be able to wake up and surf small waves, to be able to reach toward all my goals and be in school and study, that I get to keep pursuing acting and media work and with every door that opens I am hand on heart grateful. That I get to discover a whole new island and show my daughter a new and different way of life. Most of all I am grateful for the amazing people that have shown me such generosity and kindness and true friendships. These things I know are the holy grail in this life and my heart lies with you ❤🙌🏽and for these islands that always humble me with the elements and bring me back to my center…Thank you, thank you, thank you….photo by @rae.hawaii

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  • Scott Richards
    May 10, 2018

    Welcome to Oahu…… Jericho … i know you’ll find all the Happiness…. Aloha Scottie

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