Let heart Align with purpose…

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I have been thinking a lot about blogging. About my online presence in general and my attraction to art, esthetics and fantasy. Which is a good place for art and fashion. But I am also a writer and I see too many people being less than honest about their lives. So we see the shiny filtered surface of everyone. I have not posted on here in a while. I guess because I have been faced with many challenges these past 5 months and it feels better to talk with people in person. Face to face and eye to eye and to get the core of life and essentially to know I am not alone.

Sometimes things happen in life that become so stagnant that when a change is pushed for, it makes great waves. Sometimes we are not always at our best. Sometimes friendships fade, sometimes we get angry and say hurtful things when making huge decisions. But we have the capability to come out better than before. I have learned something so valuable and that is to always stand up for myself. I have avoided confrontation for many years, close to a decade by not asking for what I want, or deserve in many situations.

I have been introverted in regards to self-reflection and how to navigate my life and pursue my dreams while still maintaining balance. As women we tend to think we can take on everything. I mean we were born to multi-task. We can have the job, and breastfeed in the morning while talking on the phone and picking up dirty laundry with one foot:) But the reality of this year has been to say focus. Focus on the things that matter and let the rest fall away. To be really good to myself and do the things each day that give me purpose. Change is hard, and terrifying and you don’t know if it will even end up in your favor. Sometimes is does but it does not always look like how we envisioned it.

What do you do in times of stress and uncertainty? I would love to hear your thoughts….



In these times and in this short life I am going to keep telling the truth, to let heart align with purpose and to humbly remain open to the crafts that bring me the most joy. To create, bring to life stories, to act, to write, to reflect life. To take care of myself and those around me. To follow through and to trust. To neither push nor pull but to hold myself to the highest standard and to listen to everything around me. To take the time for those I love and have loved and honor their presence. To still look to the stars in their beauty and to live for now. Always and forever honoring the elements and the gifts. To be successful in my pursuit of passion and know how to remain rooted even in the darkest night. The sun still waits to rise…



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