The nature of romance…

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“It doesn’t just have shadow, it fades, it sheds leaves, it gets lost, in the streets, it tumbles to the earth

Morning Fresh Poetry, return again to hold snow and moss, on your pages so that footsteps or eyes may keep carving trails: once more describe the world to us, the springs in the middle of the forest

The high woodlands, the polar planets, and man on the roads, on new roads, advancing into the jungle,

In the water, in the sky, in the naked solitude of the sea….


From the closet:
Dress slip: Vintage, loaned from a girl at camp next to me Burning Man 2001
Blouse: Victorias secret
Ferns: Organically grown on Kauai 🙂
Joseph: Jacket vintage, actually it’s mine…have no idea where I got it I think someone gave it to me when they moved
Jeans: Joseph said he got them at Yes I skate

Scarf: From South America a gift from Jessa Mckree


Photos by Mandy Fierens

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