Strands Kauai



I have always had an obsession with Jewelry. It has grown over the years especially from my days of tribal belly dancing when I would drape myself with as much as I could. So when I stumbled upon the work by Janice Marie I was really excited because she is making something really original and beautiful! Her work is designed and created one of a kind pieces of jewelry using gemstones, hand picked beach treasures and precious metals. Her specialty and passion is bead weaving. She was taught to sew and embroider by her Grandmother at a very young age. She uses these skills in her jewelry now; She hand stitches most of her pieces with tiny seed beads, one by one, weaving bezels around the focal objects until they become a one of a kind piece of wearable art…
Check her out at @strandskauai on instagram and on her website
Photos by Rhonda Forsberg on instagram and at

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