Romance on the Road

 We drove up to a cabin and found ourselves at a cabin in shambles we had rented. We both sat on the edge of a bed from 1972 probably. We were both sad, for it was my birthday. Like I told him, none of my birthdays turn out. There is always this melancholy of something. But that night as we sat almost in darkness reading by the light. I found my playbook and we acted out plays together. In that moment I realized that the most romantic moments are the ones that are not contrived and perfect and posted on instagram but perhaps the ones that are imperfect like that one. Where we made the best out of our shabby cabin and had each other. The next day we drove around in the mountains and I played dress up with a vintage dress I found in Livingston Montana in a little shop I found when we were there in July. We checked out of the cabin a day early and we were so happy when we made it home to our bed 🙂 


  • joseph
    December 8, 2014

    Thank you Jericho
    I love you too very much
    I think your next birthday will be wonderful!

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