Love the Life you live

My life over the holidays was insanely busy and blessed. I did three commercials and then flew to Oahu three times for auditions and one commercial. The traffic was crazy on our tiny island and me and my boyfriend shared a car during that time, which was true testament to our patience with each other. There were some really beautiful moments during all the mayhem one of which was this impromptu photo shoot we did with the amazing blogger (thecurvyblogger) and photographer Mandy Fierens who happened to be here on her honeymoon and connected with me through instagram. This was at the end of the shoot and I was really feeling incredibly happy in this photo for all the things in my life that have manifested. I was feeling so grateful for all the love in my life for the beautiful friendships that have sustained over the years, for meeting Joseph a partnership that has grounded me in a really beautiful way and has grown into something I would have never expected. For my daughter who is pure heart and constantly reflects back to me the beauty of the newness of life. For this beautiful island that has sustained my soul in ways that make my heart feel so grateful. For the lifting of pain, that only comes with time after losing my best friend, and how his words and our friendship live on with me everyday always and forever. For the health of my body and for the days when I get to run and swim and take naps and eat good food. For reaching toward my dreams and gaining momentum and feeling the elation of all of it. Happy 2015 lovelies what are you grateful for?

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